Countdown to Graduation Day 6: Make your last summer count

Susan Aghedo, Copy Editor

As graduation stands a hairs width away, a care-free summer looms for many seniors. It is time to say the last true goodbyes–or see ya laters–to friends who will now be states away, as well as family. Relationships are evolving on the shaky ground of long distance planning, or preparations to do otherwise. The plans seniors make this summer will not occur for a juicy college application or to impress anyone. It is the one free summer where what happens is totally up to the individual, not influenced by what admissions boards like to hear. With this information, it is even moreso important to ensure that the last summer either at home or in high school is spent on something worthwhile, and here’s how.

Start reading for your college classes:

Finally, no required reading or academic preparations are necessary during the summer. Instead, graduates are packing their bags, picking their classes and getting to know the cities or campuses they will soon be moving to. With the compilation of things that incoming college freshmen need to accomplish, one of the last things on their minds is reading or preparing for their classes–unless they’re taking summer courses. Reading up during the summer can help lessen the workload once the fall semester starts, and can keep you ahead of your class with more understanding of the material. It is in no way necessary, but reading a couple chapters of the textbook in whatever free time you have could prove greatly useful, and could free up time in fall, thus lessening the stress of college.

Get to know the new city you’ll be in and make friends with other freshmen:

Many seniors are headed to other cities or states, and while some intend to stay in Miami until the last second, others are traveling earlier to get accustomed to their new homes before they also have to get accustomed to college. This tradition takes quality time away with friends away and ensures earlier goodbyes than some might want. It aids, though, in allowing incoming freshmen to get comfortable in their new four year homes. You might not be able to sleep in the dorms just yet, but staying in a hotel by campus and meeting up with some other freshmen to explore the city is an easy way to make friends and get acquainted.

Spend time with your high school bae/friends before you have to part ways:

The summer after senior year will be the last time some people will see their friends for a while–or ever for some. As much extraordinary adventures are encouraged in this last summer, spending time with the people you care about and have known since antiquity is just as important. High school is a time of discovering new–and real–friendships, a time of metamorphosis and evolution. The friendships made here have been forged in fire, and are built to last. Spending time with friends over the summer may end up being the super glue needed to ensure that high school friendships stand the test of time and stress (after all we have that friend we keep saying we’ll “definitely” hang out with).