Countdown to Graduation Day 5: Graduation Gift Ideas

Jenna Bondy and Cami Myers

With graduation season comes the multiple graduation parties. Each year, many friends and relatives find themselves struggling to come up with gift ideas for these new alumni. Here are a few quick and easy gift ideas for every graduation party you attend.


As generic and not personal as it is, you can never go wrong with giving new graduates money. There are so many things kids want to do before they go to school or when they start school, that they need money. This not only helps graduates but also helps their parents and save thems money. If you are not that close with the graduate and are conflicted or at a loss for what to get them, money is the perfect answer. Plus, a little spending cash on campus goes a long way.

School Wear:

Most students love to represent their future schools. Getting a future student clothes or cute merchandise from their school is always a crowd pleaser. Jackets, posters, pajamas, cups or anything that has the school’s logo is a good gift and can also be given to both boys and girls. Just be sure they don’t already own it, and that you have the right school!

Dorm Items:

Although it’s similar to school wear, dorm items are a crucial part of every college student’s life. There are so many items that students need to get before going off to a new place. New sheets, wall decorations, desks, mini-fridges, trash cans, anything that can be of benefit to a new student. It’s also a good way to pay special attention to the simple, little things that they may forget and to help them cover all their bases. But first, talk to his or her parent to ensure you have the right idea before you assume an interior dorm designer status.


As many students venture into their first year of college, they often find themselves need, or simply wanting, new electronics. A computer is always a must in college, so getting them a new computer is always a good idea. A new phone is also a good gift, whether it’s to keep in touch or just as a congratulations. This items can be pricey, so you can scale it down with a nice pair of headphones or a gift card to a technology store so they can shop themselves.

Childhood memorabilia:

As a closer friend or relative who knows the newly graduated student well, a small but meaningful piece of childhood memorabilia is something they can take with them. It could be a picture, book, scrapbook, or anything meaningful from their past that they can remember you by. It is cute and sentimental and will be admired and appreciated. And, who doesn’t get a little homesick now and then? Not to mention, college is the first big away experience many students undergo – so the memorabilia hits the spot.