College Football National Championship Game Preview

Luca Boccalato, Staff Writer

With the College Football Playoff National Championship just a few days away, COVID-19  threatens to interfere with the anticipated matchup between No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes and No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide.  

The game may require a delay, as reports have come out that due to testing and contact tracing, an entire position group on the Ohio State Buckeyes may remain unable to play due to the virus. The postponement date is Jan. 18, a week after the original date.

While fans may have to wait an extra week to catch the game, the results are well worth the wait. This national championship is one of the most anticipated national championships in recent memory. 

The Alabama Crimson Tides are currently led by Heisman Trophy finalist Mac Jones and Heisman trophy winner Devonte Smith. The award, given to the top college football player that year, comes as Alabama has some of the top prospects for the National Football League.

Running back Najee Harris and defensive back Patrick Surtain are both projected top NFL picks. The team has seen all this success while led by legendary coach Nick Saban. 

As for the Ohio State Buckeyes, after only playing five regular-season games this year, many believed that the Buckeyes did not deserve a spot in the college football playoffs, including Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, who ranked them as the 11th team in the nation. 

Yet, when Clemson faced off against the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl last week, they showed not only why they deserve to be in the playoffs, but why they deserve to participate in the championship, as well: the Buckeyes blew out the Tigers in a 49-28 win. 

Going into the game, both teams are evenly matched in terms of players. While Alabama has the best receiver in the nation, Ohio State has the best receiving corps. Alabama’s Mac Jones has exceeded expectations and made a name for himself as one of the best passers in the nation. Ohio States Justin Fields is the projected first overall pick in this year’s class. 

Miami Palmetto students have their own predictions for this game. Hanan Levis, a longtime Ohio State fan, does not have faith in his team. 

“Alabama is too much to handle,” Levis said. “Nick Saban is the greatest college coach of all time. I just don’t see it.”

Alabama, favored to win the game, could be in for a closer match-up than many expect. Regardless, fans all across the country are excited to see the matchup.