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Road to Election Day series: Which 2016 presidential candidate should you vote for?

Alexandra Pedroso, Staff Writer

November 6, 2016

With the election in two days, it’s getting harder and harder to decide who to vote for. Complete this quiz to help you choose, based on your personality. [polldaddy poll=9572534] [polldaddy poll=9572537] [polldaddy poll=9572538] [polldaddy poll=9572560] [polldaddy poll=9572561] [polldaddy poll=95725...

Worth the wait

Alec Lanzas and Thomas Martinez

November 3, 2016

Forget the billy goat. Forget Bartman. The curse has been broken. After 108 years of torment, the wait is finally over for The North Side. The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in extra innings Wednesday night en route to a World Series title, their first since 1908. 108 years of heartb...

The importance of hackers in the election

Jack Cruz-Alvarez, News Editor

October 26, 2016

On Oct. 18 the Ecuadorian government announced they cut off internet connection to Julian Assange. Assange, an Australian computer programmer now living in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, grew famous for founding Wikileaks, a website hackers use to leak classified or private documents. Ecuador said...

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