Cast Announcement of the “It Ends With Us” Movie Adaptation

Ava Garcia, Managing Editor

On Thursday, Jan. 27, popular romance author Colleen Hoover announced the cast of her newest movie adaptation, based on her well-known book “It Ends With Us”, leaving fans with many questions. The two main characters were announced, with Blake Lively starring as Lily Bloom, alongside Justin Baldoni taking on the role of Ryle Kincaid. Baldoni is also co-directing the film, with Christy Hall adapting the script.

“It Ends With Us” became a worldwide phenomenon, taking the spot as the bestselling book of 2022. Hoover also takes the title of best-selling novelist in the United States, selling over 20 million books, and writing five of the top 10 bestselling books of any genre last year. 

After the announcement of Lily Bloom’s casting, Lively posted a story on Instagram with red hair and a song titled “Lily,” hinting at her role in the upcoming film. 

Fans across the world fell in love with the depth and truth behind these characters, and continue to follow Hoover through her journey in complete anticipation of the upcoming movie.