Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestreamed on Twitch

Jasmine Judge, Design Editor

On May 14, 10 civilians were killed and three were left injured in a mass shooting at the Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Authorities stated that the shooter — 18-year-old Payton Gendron — was motivated by white supremacist ideologies, leading him to target people of color. Of the 13 victims, 11 were black and two were white; four were supermarket employees. Listed below are the victims by age:

Roberta Drury, 32

Margus Morrison, 52

Andre Mackniel, 53

Aaron Salter, 55

Geraldine Talley, 62

Celestine Chaney, 65

Heyward Patterson, 67

Katherine Massey, 72

Pearl Young, 77

Ruth Whitfield, 86

Zaire Goodman, 20 (treated and released from the hospital)

Jennifer Warrington, 50 (treated and released from the hospital)

Christopher Braden, 55 (non-life-threatening injuries)

The shooting took place in a predominantly African American neighborhood. Gendron, from Conklin, New York, drove an estimated three hours to reach this location in Buffalo. Before the attack, Gendron allegedly published a 180-page manifesto to an anonymous message board, expressing racist conspiracy theories that he believed justified the attack. 

At around 2:30 p.m., Gendron arrived at the store armed with an assault weapon wearing a helmet and tactical gear. Gendron also carried a camera in which he live-streamed the shooting from his perspective on Twitch, a public streaming platform, for two minutes before the site removed it.

Gendron has been charged with first-degree murder and pleads not guilty. Authorities continue to provide updates as the situation develops.