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BREAKING NEWS: UK Parliament under attack

March 22, 2017

In the early afternoon of Wednesday, March 22, a terrorist attack took place in London. The assailant, thought to have acted alone, drove a large SUV across Westminster Bridge in a rampage, ramming into and injuring at least 40 people in the process. At least five of those people are confirmed dead at the local hospital.

After crossing the bridge, the man got out of his car and fatally stabbed a police officer before rushing toward the entrance of the parliamentary compound. There he saw his end as officers gunned him down while he ran and waved the bloody knife in his hand.

The attack has led to the launch of a full counterterrorism investigation on the behalf of British authorities. When they heard the shots, secret service agents evacuated members of Parliament, as well as the Prime Minister. Parliament was shut down, and remains so.  A search was conducted to look for any other assailants, which led authorities to believe he acted alone. The identity and motives of the attacker still remain unknown, and the investigation is still underway.

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