Best Takeout/Delivery Spots in South Florida

Camilla Bondy, Design Editor

Due to the current pandemic, restaurants offering many different types of food have switched from sit-down service to providing take-out and delivery. Having the ability to take-out or have food delivered provides an easy way to have an at-home meal with less clean up after, too.

One restaurant that is open for both take-out and non-contact delivery is Sports Grill. Sports Grill is most known for grilled food. Their menu mainly consists of chicken wings, burgers and french fries.

Their menu is located online and can be found at the Sports Grill website. To place an order, use their website or call one of their locations. In Miami, they have six different locations. Some of their locations offer both take-out and delivery while others are just take-out. 

Depending on the location, the pick up method varies. For some of the locations, it is mandatory to park and go inside wearing gloves and a mask. For other locations, there is a drive-thru and the employees will bring the food out to the car.

A Mexican restaurant that is open for both take-out and delivery is Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. Lime is known for their tacos, quesadillas and guacamole. Their menu can also be found on the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill website.

They have four different locations in South Florida. Some of them are both take-out and non-contact delivery and others are just take-out. The method for pick-up varies depending on the store. However, if you are ever in the mood for a quick and easy Mexican meal, Lime is the place to order from.

Another option for Mexican food is Chipotle. Chipotle differs from Lime because they focus more on bowls than tacos. They both offer the same type of food, but it depends on a person’s taste buds to decide which they would prefer. Chipotle offers many different types of bowls and you can pick the specific things you want in it. 

Chipotle’s menu can be found online at their website. They offer both take-out and non-contact delivery services, along with free codes to get money off on an order. 

Pizza places are also open for delivery and take-out. For example, Power Pizza is open for both take-out and non-contact delivery. Their menu is located on the Power Pizza website.

An order for both pick-up and delivery can be placed by calling one of their locations or on their online website. They have many different locations, which offer either in store pick-up or non-contact delivery.

Daily Bread is a Mediteranean-based restaurant that offers many different food options . Although there are not many locations to choose from, it is worth it in the end. They offer take-out, non-contact delivery and curbside pick-up. 

There is no specific website; however, the menu is online. Daily Bread is the right choice for amazing Mediterranean food.

The restaurants listed above are just some of the food options available for either delivery or take-out. There are many other places to choose from, depending on what fits the idea of a perfect meal and this pandemic gives different ways to order, pick-up and deliver.