Best Places To Buy Masks

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

One thing absolutely necessary during the pandemic? A face mask. Face masks protect one’s face from exposure to COVID-19 and prevents the spread of the virus.

In the beginning of quarantine, people commonly used disposable masks and N95s. However, after quarantining for almost a full year, people have started decorating and styling their masks. 

Since face masks remain mandatory when one goes out in public, they have become part of daily outfits. 

Places to buy stylish and protective face masks include:


Amazon sells all kinds of different face masks, individually and in bulk. They have floral designs, plain colors, animal print, sports teams and more. One can visit Amazon  and get their masks within two to three business days. 


Target has a wide selection of masks for teens, kids and adults. Prices range from $2 to $20, and most of the higher-priced masks come in bundles. They also have adjustable and specifically-sized ones as well.

Old Navy:

Old Navy, an American clothing and accessories company owned by Gap, Inc., sells masks with all types of patterns, like checkers, polka dots and more. The masks are adjustable and have three layers of cloth. Old Navy sells their masks in packs of five, which can help families and provide one with more variety.


Lululemon sells their face masks for $10. Lululemon makes masks that work well for exercising because they can endure sweat, water, stretching and more. The masks, made with Ultralu fabric and Lycra fibers, allow for easy breathing and protection. The masks feel extremely comfortable and snug, according to Lululemon’s description.


Athleta, another athletic brand, also sells adjustable masks. They offer customers the following selection of masks: gaiters, made to move gaiters for when you’re on the go, bandana face coverings and even mask bags to hold your mask. The masks come in all sorts of colors, like pink, blue, green, red, black and more. They also have silk masks with the usual price of $50 but currently selling at the price of $34.30 on sale.

“What makes the Athleta masks special is that they are really cute but also really comfortable, which I think is important because when we are in school or going out, and wearing masks for a while, you want them to be comfortable,” Miami Palmetto Senior High freshman Cameron Gussin said. “You can wear it for a longer period and at the same time, you also want them to look cute.” 


Perfect for those in search of a completely customizable mask, Vistaprint sells three options for masks: a filtered mask, a blank disposable face mask in a pack of 10 and a pack of blank disposable face masks in a pack of 50. Vistaprint also sells their masks in packs of 1 to 1000+, with price ranges differing based on the sizing of the masks. 


Etsy is a great company to shop from when looking at small businesses while staying safe. Etsy has a wide selection of masks, from ones with a nose wire, to satin masks, to masks with rhinestones and more. Etsy’s selection of masks works perfectly for those looking for a specific type of mask; they also sell customizables.

Wearing good-quality masks has become of great importance to students that attend in-person school. When going to school, students must wear their masks for over eight hours, which means most students prefer to be comfortable, safe and stylish.