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Best Brunch Spots in Miami

May 29, 2019


Brunch is a combination of both lunch and breakfast, and it is the perfect way for friends to spend a summer afternoon in Miami. Brunch can be the ideal way to get out of the house and spend time with friends and family, all while enjoying a nice meal. A good brunch is made by the people you go with, the atmosphere of the restaurant and most importantly, the food served. Below is a quick rundown of the best brunch places in Miami.


Located in Brickell, this brunch spot overlooks Biscayne Bay, offering a view of the beautiful Brickell skyline. It is part of the W Miami, serving both guests of the hotel and regular customers. It is mainly known for its Hispanic cuisine, including a bottomless paella station where individuals can eat all they want. They also pride themselves on other diverse dishes, allowing their customers to travel through their taste buds to Asia, Europe and South America. Addikt offers both sweet and savory dish choices for brunch. Sweet options include tres leches and french toast, while savory options include chipotle eggs benedict.  

Brimstone Woodfire Grill:

The most dog-friendly brunch spot on this list is located in Doral. It offers classics like shrimp, grits and jumbo crab benedict, done in a way unique to Brimstone, all served from 11am to 3:30pm. The restaurant is partnered with local animal shelters and participates in events such as “Bark N’ Brunch,” where the staff makes fake cocktails for pets. Made from scratch, all of their food is prepared from simple, organic ingredients and are cooked on a live-fire grill. They also offer occasional cooking classes in a professional restaurant setting.

Sweet Liberty:

Located near Miami Beach, this brunch spot is perfect for those who love to sleep in as brunch is served until 5 p.m. on Sundays. A breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, pork, refried beans and salsa and oysters are some of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The creative names on their menu such as “Bang’n Brunch Burrito” and “Chicken and Waffles Y’all” match the vibe of the restaurant along with the quote they have before all their selection of egg dishes that reads “break eggs not hearts.”

Threefold Cafe:

The owners who are from Melbourne, Australia, wanted  to bring their Australian roots to their new home of Miami. Promising only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create a unique menu that changes regularly, you can enjoy stuffed dishes such as french toast, avocado toast and eggs benedict as well as other brunch classics. Customers also adore their tea, coffee and espresso that adds to their warm, small and cozy space. Threefold Cafe takes their coffee very seriously and refuses to add syrups or any other flavor enhancers, creating fresh, “real” coffee.

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