Autumn-ize your style in Miami


Infographic by Roberta Nicastro

Brianne Guanaga, Photographer

With dark colors and wool being all the rage come autumn months, South Floridians stand in the blazing heat, looking for a way to be both trendy and comfortable in October’s 80 degree weather. Yet autumn trends in Miami can feel just as effortless as New York’s fall fashion.

Layering in Miami’s heat takes the form of cardigans, scarfs and sweaters with light fabric, all pieces that scream “autumn.”

Denim is a must-have piece during Miami’s cooler season. The staple made its way back into our lives with ripped, high waisted and “mom jeans.”

“Dark denim with burnt orange sweaters in the fall looks nice, like the color of the leaves, not black denim but a nice deep blue,” junior Brien Culhane said.

Denim’s flexible style can be dressed up or down, with a nice pair of boots and a cool leather jacket or just a plain white shirt and flip flops.

This year, pilot-like bomber jackets grew popular among teenagers and young adults. Bomber jackets, originating from the early 40s, have breathable fabric that leave no one sweating profusely. This addition easily pairs with a dress or slacks.

“Bomber jackets are very stylish and they work with any outfit,” junior Alexa Rivas said. “You can never go wrong with them.”

Vibrant colors work in Miami, even in the fall. Miami does not get to experience the golden brown hues of the leaves changing or the crisp autumn breeze, but fortunately for us, the heat allows for more flexibility in wardrobe choice. If you want the cinematic magic of Annie Hall’s wardrobe, vests and trousers are a brilliant way to bring in the autumn season.

“Vests and trousers are good year round. Diane Keaton/Annie Hall are personally such inspirations,” junior Macarena Barros said.

Miami does not follow “fashion rules.”  Miami makes them. Do not put your jackets away just yet though, because for those two glorious days, Miami will drop into the 40s and 50s.