AP and EOC Exam Tips

Sofia Vinueza, Business Manager

With April comes testing season, a month filled with Advanced Placement and End of Course exams. As students approach test day, many struggle to find the most effective ways to study what they learned over the school year. 

As far as AP testing goes, AP Classroom provides students with helpful videos for every AP class. From AP Psychology to AP World History, students can find a variety of videos geared towards each chapter and tips for the multiple choice section and free-response questions. 

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This year, College Board created a digital app that students can use to take their online AP exams. When first logging onto the app, students must complete a variety of steps that prepare students for taking the tests. Students must complete a demo, which walks them through the test and confirms their personal information, for each AP exam they plan to take. At the end of the demo, students can complete a practice test, which provides practice in the official AP test format while also testing the knowledge of the subject. In addition, the College Board app includes a full-length practice test. While some teachers do not require students to take this practice exam, it can be very helpful for reviewing the topics that may appear on the actual exam. 

“I’ve been studying for all of my AP exams by watching review videos and going through the College Board app demos and practice exams,” Miami Palmetto Senior High senior Sydney Rouviere said. “I have been told they are very similar to the real exam, and they are a great review for what I am expecting next week as testing starts.”

While not as many practice materials exist for EOCs, students have still found many great ways to study. If students have taken notes throughout the year, they can create “Quizlets” for each chapter or simply include important information and vocabulary relating to the subject. In addition, students can peruse many public Quizlets created by verified teachers. 

“This year I am taking the U.S. History EOC along with five AP tests, and my teacher is helping us study for it, I have used and created many quizlets in the past to help study for my tests,” Miami Palmetto Senior High junior Nicolas Garavito said. “Sometimes making the quizlet myself is a review within itself and helps me become more familiar with the information in addition to using the many features quizlet has to offer.” 

These serve as examples of just a few of the main ways to study for AP and EOC exams. Some students may already have a set way they study work, while others may still look for new and innovative ways to study. When it comes to big tests like these, everyone works in different ways. Good luck to all the students taking AP and EOC exams this year.