A Winning Streak: Miami Dolphins Have Won Four Straight Games

Eitan Greenberg, Copy Editor

After a 1-7 start, the Miami Dolphins have now won their fourth consecutive game. The streak, which began at home in Week 9, marks the team’s best football season in years. Both quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and receiving core have improved, while the defense has overperformed and returned to its 2020 status when the Dolphins had one of the top defenses in the sport. 

The Dolphins had a promising Week 1 in New England, and it seemed like they would be a playoff team; however, in Weeks 2-8, the Dolphins lost all of their games. It seemed like no hope remained and that Dolphin fans would have to mourn another season of losses.

When Week 9 came, the Dolphins hosted the second-worst team in the National Football League — the Houston Texans. Before the game, officials scratched Tua Tagovailoa, and backup quarterback, veteran Jacoby Brissett, received the start. Fans thought that a loss was inevitable, but the Dolphins proved them wrong. The defense looked flawless with interceptions from Jerome Baker, Jevon Holland and Justin Coleman. Tight End Mike Gesicki and Wide Receiver Jaylen Waddle showed promising performances in the Dolphins 17-9 win. 

In Week 10, the Dolphins came back to Miami, playing the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football. The Ravens were heavily favored to win and were at a seemingly clear advantage when Baltimore scored first. Fortunately for Miami, their defense took over from there. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson could not withstand the pressure and could only pass for one touchdown. The star of the show — Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard — recovered a Ravens fumble and took it all the way back for the touchdown. After this 22-10 victory, Dolphins fans became cautiously optimistic about their team. 

The Dolphins headed to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to play their biggest rival: the New York Jets. Tagovailoa got his first start in several weeks and hoped to keep the Dolphins’ momentum against the 2-7 Jets. Jaylen Waddle ran the ball into the endzone early in the first quarter, and the Jets could not take a lead in the game. Although the Dolphins defense did not play as well as the previous two weeks, they recovered a key fumble to prevent the Jets from scoring. After, the Dolphins headed back home to play the Carolina Panthers after this 24-17 win.

Against the Panthers and their star quarterback Cam Newton, Tagovailoa started once again and hoped to land another win for Miami. Once again, nothing went wrong in this game. The defense was led by interceptions by Nick Needham, Jevon Holland and Xavien Howard, but the highlight was Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle, who, like the defense, had their best games of the year. Tagovailoa passed for 230 yards and a touchdown, and Waddle received 137 yards and received a touchdown. The red hot Dolphins won by a final score of 33-10.

This Sunday, the Dolphins play at home against the New York Giants, who come to the game fresh off a win against the Philadelphia Eagles. As amazing as this streak is for Dolphin fans, one loss could spell the end of their season. The Dolphins have their bye week after this week and play difficult teams at the end of the season. That being said, the Dolphins have had major upset wins before, so anything can happen.