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A preview of The Big Game

February 5, 2017

The much anticipated Super Bowl LI will take place on Feb. 5th at 6:30pm in Houston Texas, and will feature the New England Patriots vs the Atlanta Falcons.

    Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick hope to win their fifth Super Bowl ring. The Patriots enter the game as three-point favorites poised to win but, as we have seen in many previous Super Bowls, anything can happen.

    The Atlanta Falcons, led by quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones, hope to win their first Super Bowl. Their red hot offense has been one, if not the best, in the closing games of the season. They were led by the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the season Matt Ryan due to his fantastic stats . They proved their ability to score time and time again.

    However, Patriots coach Bill Belichick focuses on his strategies which tend to take away a team’s best player. In the past, he did this with players such as Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown but the Atlanta Falcons are an entirely new beast.

    Patriots quarterback Tom Brady put up some fantastic statistics over the course of his career. These stats put him in the conversation with other greats for the best quarterback of all time. A fifth Super Bowl win would only strengthen his case as the G.O.A.T.

    Even if one is considered a great, all greats must retire eventually. This realization stirred up the conversation of when Brady’s career will finally begin to take a decline. Many believe that this will be Brady’s last year, but it seems that he proves the skeptics wrong over and over again. Will Brady be able to match the career length of Brett Favre,the Green Bay Packer legend who played for 20 seasons?

   The Super Bowl is what every true NFL fan waits, for but many people have their own reasons for watching. There are those who ignore the game but pay close attention to every commercial. Large companies pay copious amounts of money to have 30 seconds of commercial time during one of the most watched sporting events in the country, and worldwide.

    This year the signature Super Bowl halftime show will be performed by Lady Gaga and former president George H.W Bush will do the coin toss.

    Whether you are the type of fan who watches the actual game or just enjoys the commercials, everyone has their own form of appreciation for the Super Bowl.

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