A New Way to Experience Art: Monet Experience Miami

Michael Angee, Sports Editor

From Feb. 11 to Mar. 27, an immersive Miami experience breathes new life into the works of French impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

Following in the footsteps of the spring 2021 “Beyond Van Gogh Experience,” the Paquin Group is bringing 400 of Monet’s most memorable works to life through projection, ethereal music and sound effects. 

The Paquin Entertainment Group is a Canada based company that currently has four divisions: Arts Management, Artists Agency, Theater and Film and Corporate Services. With one of their newest endeavors being the “Beyond Monet Experience,” those who visit are bound to have a fresh and advanced experience. 

Housed in Ice Palace Studios, the experience spans over 50,000 feet, which safely accommodates a large number of guests.

Born in Paris, France in November 1840, Monet and his work was a precursor to Modernism. Different from conventional exhibits, experiences such as the Van Gogh and Monet ones create the illusion that guests are actually in the paintings as they observe them.  

The questions, “How will technology affect art in the future?” and “How will our perception change due to these new advancements?”, prompted the creation of these new avenues of art appreciation. In order to create these experiences, creators had to challenge themselves to think outside the box. 

“For artists it’s a mechanism of allowing them to truly feel like they’re submersed into art. Usually it’s easy for people that are into art to do that so it further emphasizes the aspect of feeling like you’re part of an environment like in a painting,” National Art Honor Society President and Palmetto junior Mia Rodriguez said. “I think that the whole large exhibits that really submerge people into the art, bring the art to life by bringing life to the art.” 

With the inclusion of several of Monet’s pieces, many viewers not only have the first-hand experience of seeing some of his work in person for the first time but also may have a redefined perspective on pieces they may have seen previously.  

“I think what is changing rapidly now is how people are experiencing art. Like in music they have those silent DJs, and now you have these exhibits that make you feel like you’re in the art,” Rodriguez said.  

The experience is set to immerse viewers into this informative and artistic world that is sure to leave an impression on Miami and the art community from here on.