A Miami Makeover

September 17, 2018

Miami is expanding. Several new multi-million dollar projects are on the horizon and only a vote away from coming to reality. Places we love and places that we might grow to love are soon to be built or rebuilt.

With the help of David Beckham, a retired soccer player, Miami may soon get a major league soccer team along with a whopping one billion dollar budget stadium. The new project will include a 25,000-seat stadium, 600,000 square feet of office space, a golf entertainment facility, 3,750 parking spaces, 750 hotel rooms, and 110 acres of open green space. It is safe to say that this will have a huge impact on Miami life and tourism.

“As a soccer player, having the MLS coming to Miami feels like there are going to be more opportunities open for those who want to play at a pro level,” senior Jose Sanchez said. “If there is a pro team there are going to be youth academies and coaches watching. So if a kid from Miami that has talent and can make it, but is never seen due to reasons like not being able to leave Miami , now with the new team it would make it easier.”

South Florida hasn’t had a major league soccer team since the Miami Fusion in the 2001 season. This revolutionary step will change the way South Floridians see soccer. Beckham’s proposal faced lawsuits because Miami failed to follow proper competitive bidding procedures.  It was tossed out in court, so Miami residents will be able to vote for or against the approval of the stadium deal in November.

In addition, a place more near and dear to the average Miami resident’s life, the Shops at Sunset Place, are facing a major remodeling. The proposal for the revamp includes the addition of an 18-story hotel, an apartment building, and a pedestrian plaza.  

In the past few years several stores have closed down in the mall including Pacsun and Charlotte Russe, which people used to frequent. According to the Miami Herald, Sunset Place has been failing since the year they remodeled all the way back in 1999.

“I think [the revamp will] definitely bring more business,” senior Alejandra Uzcategui said. “Seeming as we live in Miami, tourism is common and that kind of addition to the mall would really benefit them and hopefully reopen stores that have closed.”

Some love the mall and frequent it often on the weekends. Others find it lackluster and missing it’s appeal.

“They don’t have variety.” senior Giuliana Moore said “[They should consider] getting rid of the stores no one shops at, [such as] It’s sugar [and] the hello kitty store.”

Change is coming sooner than expected, on Aug. 28 the ballot went out for the residents to decide whether or not the remodel will actually happen. The voters approved the amendment, and from there it will be much smoother sailing.

For the first time in a long time, the future of Sunset Place and South Florida’s Major League Soccer hopes are looking bright.

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