A Love Letter to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Notorious RBG,

You were my hero, truly. Every day of this nightmare since the election, I thought of you and knew that the American people could continue fighting with you on the front lines. I knew we would be okay as long as you were.

When I heard the news that you passed away, I felt my world come to a screeching halt. How unfair that instead of going in peace, your last words were a request to refrain from replacing you until the American people spoke their piece on Nov. 3. How unfair that you, the woman who fought for us every moment of your 87 years on this Earth, did not live to see us save this country. 

I promise you, to honor both your life and your dying wish, that we will do everything we can to win this on Nov. 3. We will do everything we can to make sure that your legacy as the tallest 5’1” woman in the world is upheld, and I hope you know that when we take back the presidency and preserve the Supreme Court, it is for you. 

Thank you for inspiring me everyday through your tireless efforts to preserve my rights as a woman. You made history, moved mountains and showed how generally good people could be. You proved love is love, women have the right to choose and that anyone can make a difference.

I ask Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to stand down and wait. I implore him to remember how he demanded the country hold off on appointing a justice for 269 days before an election simply so that President Barack Obama could not appoint a liberal justice. I urge him to extend the same courtesy to a woman whom he has known and worked with for years, especially considering we are just 45 days away from the election. But since he has said he will not, we will fight that, too. There is a whole group of people waiting for our cue to dissent and resist and stand strong just like you.

The world will never be the same. You were an absolute powerhouse and you have inspired countless little girls who cannot wait to grow up and change history like you. I am one of them. Thank you.