A Look At Inter Miami CF’s Inaugural Season

Michael Angee, Design Editor

Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami is the newest addition to Major League Soccer in the US, making the MLS a 26 team league.

Although Miami has not had a team in the MLS since 2001, many dedicated fans wanted to see another professional team for the city. 

Many fans follow their national teams players and the teams they are at,” VP of community engagement for Inter Miami CF Chris Allan said.

When David Beckham joined the MLS for the LA Galaxy in 2007, his contract included the option to buy a new MLS franchise for $25 million, which then became the current Inter Miami team. 

Inter Miami made their debut in the league against Los Angeles FC in early March of 2020. Prior to the hit of COVID-19, the young team played one additional game.

The team has recently resumed playing, following the re-opening of all professional sports. Throughout their 13 game season, the team has earned three wins, eight losses and two draws. 

Beckham, the owner of Inter Miami CF, is still arguably the most famous person associated with the team. Although the organization made beneficial moves in the offseason, Beckham has established himself to be a global sports icon. 

Beckham is most notably regarded for his time in Manchester United. Starting in the 1995 to 1996 season, Beckham was crucial to the success of the team. Within the eight years of play time, Manchester United won six English Champion cups.

With many accolades under his belt  a one time Champions League, six time English Champion, two time English FA, one time Champion league title, one time French league champion and two time MLS Cup champion winner Beckham seems to be one of the most qualified for the job. 

Beckham seems to have a star studded coaching staff as well. Diego Alonso, a former player for Uruguay and an accomplished coach, will head Inter Miami CF’s coaching staff. Alonso holds the title of the only head coach to win the CONCACAF Champions Leaguethe clubs league in South Americawith two different teams. 

Inter Miami CF’s efforts towards improvement also include acquiring players like Argentinian Gonzalo Higuain to fill gaps in the team roster. Higuain has played in some historically world-class teams such as: Real Madrid, Juventus, and AC Milan. The organization hopes the Argentine will bring depth and experience into the Miami team dynamic. 

Having experienced and established players like Gonzalo Huguain and Blaise Matuidi will have a very positive impact on Inter Miami CF both now and in the future,” Allan said. 

Although fans watching the MLS have been mostly from the United States, the addition of international players promises to bring fans from around the globe.

“As for the future of the club, it shows that Inter Miami is a team that wants to win and can attract big players from all over the world,” Allan said. 

New stars like Blaise Matuidi and Gonzalo Higuain have the power to bring success for the team and viewership from their countries, France and Argentina. 

“Blaise Matuidi is the only player in the MLS right now who has won a World Cup,” Allan said. “Being able to attract these kinds of players shows how serious the club is on their ambitions to win trophies, play good fútbol and attract fans.”