A Fast Break For A Lacrosse Coach

Maxwell Landy , Staff Writer/Photographer

Robert Murray begins his varsity lacrosse coaching career at Miami Palmetto Senior High School with goals of triumphing in the district and the state after previous head coaching positions at La Salle and Westminster Christian School.

Head Coach Robert Murray first began playing lacrosse in the fourth grade at the suggestion of an older cousin who played at the New Hampshire boarding school, Phillips Exeter. Murray’s competitive career in lacrosse began in the sixth grade at Gulliver Academy and he continued playing until his senior year.  Scoring 98 goals in one season, Murray set the Dade County scoring record in 2009. With enough hard work, he earned a division II scholarship to St. Andrews University.

After his last two positions, Coach Robert Murray’s dream job of coaching the Panthers lacrosse team excites him. He has introduced a strict practice regimen that includes two-a-day practices and film sessions.

“Two-a-day practices allow us to build upon our fundamentals and techniques while increasing our lacrosse IQ’s.” said Head Coach Robert Murray.

Murray wants not only to better his players in lacrosse, but as people. If a player fails a test he is automatically not allowed to play in the next game and use of profanity costs the team 25 push-ups.

In the past four years, the Palmetto Varsity Lacrosse Team has earned three district champion titles. Last season, the team fell short competing against Gulliver and Columbus, but under Murray’s direction, the team strives to finish on top.

“We need to take care of our rivals and defend our district championship title,” Head Coach Robert Murray said. “Also, the team needs a group of young men who are extremely competitive and will risk it all to win.”

The 2015 Palmetto boys lacrosse team looks forward to a successful season both on and off the field.