A day to remember


Shane McCrink, Co-Spirit Editor

Every year we are reminded of the September 11th tragedy, which inflicted terror, fear and horror into the lives of countless Americans. Tributes, documentaries, recollections – we’ve watched them all for 13 years in remembrance of the thousands of innocent lives lost. We were pushed down on that day, but since then, we have gotten back up.

Since the terrible day, sites have been reconstructed and repaired, yet the emotional pain will never cease to be broken. The side of the pentagon that was impacted was repaired and re-opened in September 2002. Security in the United States has increased ten fold and aerial attacks have been prevented. In May 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed at his compound by United States special forces and left people (like me) chanting, “USA! USA!”

On New York’s lower West side, we saw empty space in the Sky for eight years. Now, we see the Freedom Tower and the re-built World Trade Center complex. While honoring victims of 9/11, the site and tower gives people a sense of hope, recovery and new beginnings.

It has been said that time heals all wounds, which is somewhat true – if you have a cut on your finger – but it can never fully heal the trauma families of victims experienced on that day. Fifty years from now and into the far future, 9/11 will still be remembered and the wound will never fully heal. All time can do is remind us that we are one day farther away from the tragedy and hopefully one day closer to becoming a better nation.  September 11, 2001 – we will never forget.