A Briefing of Recent White House News

Attila Dos Santos, Staff Writer

When the investigation on President Trump’s ties to Russia began to slowly narrow down, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. The President accused Comey of failing to find the people responsible of the multiple leaks that have occurred, including the ones that led the Washington Post to suspect, in a story, that Trump disclosed classified information to the Russians. The White House declared the post to be false, as it was based off anonymous sources.

That being said, Trump, on Tuesday, May 9, backed up in a series of tweets the reason why he had the right to give Russians information regarding ISIS, which may to some be a form of proof that backs the Washington Post’s claim.

Interviews will begin this weekend to select a replacement FBI director. The first four candidates who will be interviewed are the Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher, acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, Texas Senator John Cornyn and Judge Michael J. Garcia of the New York Court of Appeals.

This controversy brings up the questions of not only what classified U.S. information Russian officials do or do not have but what was the true reason for Trump’s sudden firing of James Comey.