Illustration courtesy of Thomas Martinez

February 14, 2017

Every year when Valentine’s Day comes around, many people find themselves blindsided and unprepared. Couples often forget about this holiday and spend the morning of rummaging around the house trying to find something to give to their significant others. Other people no matter how early a notice they got or how long they have to prepare, struggle to come up with ideas for the day. Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent cherishing and enjoying the love of a partner, not stressing and despising the day. Whether you need last minute Valentine’s Day ideas or just are not sure what to plan for this special day, here are some simple ideas to make this special day memorable.


If Valentine’s Day comes around and you find yourself caught off guard, an easy, fun thing to do is a picnic. Pack your date’s favorite foods or pick something up on the way. Take a blanket and drinks and go to your favorite park, which will make it more personal than a restaraunt. This is an easy, last minute activity for all those people who forgot to plan something.


Although not as personal and romantic as a picnic or restaurant, packing up and heading to the zoo is a good, easy idea  that is quick to plan. If your date is not an outdoors person, atrip to the aquarium is a good alternative. There are many conversation starters at the zoo and aquarium that will avoid any awkward moments.. It is an easy plan to bring to fruition and a cool ice breaker for those first dates as well.

Coffee shop:

For something more close and sweet, a coffee shop is the right idea. A  corner of your partner’s  favorite coffee shop is a sweet and sentimental way to spend the day for long time couples. You can either sit in the comfortable silence with a good book together, or talk about different topics you are both passionate about. Either way, a coffee shop is the perfect way to be alone together.

Movies and Dinner:

Although more stereotypical, you cannot go wrong with dinner and a movie. Go to a popular mall or shopping center with a movie theater and restaurants for an easy transition. If you prefer something more creative, have the waiter set up a special table, away from everyone else, and get her a nice bouquet of flowers. Then go to whatever movie she wants to see and have a relaxing night.

Book a Hotel:

For the nature loving people, pack up and head to the beach for the day. You can go midday and get lunch on  Miami beach, or spend the day walking around sightseeing. For the older couples, you can see if you have any luck finding a hotel that has openings. Pack an overnight bag just in case, and stay at a hotel for a romantic night in.

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