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Last minute Halloween hacks

October 31, 2016

Halloween allows partygoers and trick-or-treaters to dress up without getting judged for it. Since it only happens once a year, no one would want to waste it. If you wanted to dress up and did not make time, look to these last-minute halloween costume ideas for inspiration:


Step 1: Find a giant green knit sweater.

Step 2: Find some white pipe cleaners.

Step 3: Stick the pipe cleaners through the inside of the sweater.


Step 1: Find a red sweater.

Step 2: Find a white button down shirt.

Step 3: Put on some glasses.

Step 4: Get a fake mustache.

Step 5: If you have long hair, put it up.


Step 1: Make a sign that says, “Go ceilings!”

Step 2: Hang it around your neck or stick it on your shirt.


Step 1: Buy some cat ears if you don’t already have.

Step 2: Wear a beige top.

Step 3: Look grumpy all night.


Step 1: You don’t have to do anything. Serial killers look just lus.


Step 1: Wear a white button down dress shirt.

Step 2: Conceal very short shorts underneath the shirt.

Step 3: Strut around in some long white socks.

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