2019 Senior Games

June 4, 2019

Every year, the senior game takes place on the field or in the gym where the seniors play their last home games. The whole season leading up to this game and of course their championships. Most seniors describe their senior game as the end of an era.

Senior Sydney Leiferman describes her last moments on the soccer field after playing this sport for four years.

“We all knew that that it was one of our last moments on the Palmetto field together as a team so everyone was prepared to leave it out on the field,” Leiferman said.

Playing a sport can become very time consuming for many athletes with long practices and games, but in the end it all is worth it because players get to meet different people and create friendships that last a lifetime.

“Being on the team for the entirety of my high school career enhanced the feelings of Palmetto spirit by allowing me to experience the joy and love that comes from such a close-knit group of girls,” Leiferman said.

Upon first entering high school, one might worry about making new friends and forming new bonds with people. Joining a sports team gives students the chance to connect with people on a personal level while doing something that highlights their best talents.

“This sport has helped me make new friends and finally gain the title of ‘lax bro.’ Other than that it’s my first year playing it and I loved it,” senior Ethan Bluh said.

Sports provide a bonding experience for the team. During the senior games at Palmetto, the seniors receive gifts and crowns from underclassmen showing their appreciation for all the seniors. For the soccer team, each senior gets paired up with one or two juniors. The juniors give the seniors speeches and goodies. For the girls lacrosse team, the senior players receive handcrafted gifts and scrapbooks from their “little buddies.” The coaches also use this time to say a little speech showing appreciation to the hard work and dedication that these players put into the team.

“Each year the junior class adds something special into the mix,” Leiferman said. “This year they made us extra gifts like picture frames, baked goods, ect.”

The basketball team celebrates their seniors by having their parents walk them down the court during halftime of their senior game. Parents, cousins and friends come out with posters and flowers to shower their athletes with lots of love and support. Each athlete gets a proper announcement of their full name as well as their number which makes the senior game more memorable and personal.

Senior games do not only allow athletes to showcase their talents as they leave their heart and soul on the field but senior games also hold a special meaning to Palmetto athletes. Senior games can become very emotional for seniors because it is the last time they will play together on Palmetto grounds.

“The highlight of my senior game was when I looked to my left and saw my friends and family encouraging me,” Bluh said.

Senior games give the Palmetto family an opportunity to give back to their athletes by  congratulating them on all their hard work and the dedication that they have put into their beloved sport

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