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17 Signs you are obsessed with your pet

17 Signs you are obsessed with your pet

March 6, 2016

1. Their comfort goes way before your own. When they lay in the center of your bed, you simply accommodate and sleep in the corner.

2. Regardless of if your hands are full or if you are in a rush, you will stop and give your pet a proper greeting upon entering your house.

3. You say “bless you” when they sneeze.

4. You beg for forgiveness and apologize endlessly when you accidentally step on their little paw.

5. You have to have a best friend who understands your pet obsession.

6. They are in almost every snapchat story you post and selfie you take.

7. You get jealous when your dog cuddles with other people.

8. Your camera roll is filled with pictures of your pet.

9. He has a full name (First, middle and last). A first name is not sufficient for your precious pet.

10. And thousands of nick names.

11. You cover their eyes and ears during the sad The American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) commercials.

12. You consider them when making college and vacation decisions. The thought of leaving them behind devastates you.

13. You constantly consider the fact that your pet may actually be a human.

14. You google everything they do to see if it’s a sign of affection. Usually, it means nothing.

15. You talk to them just like you would any other person.

16. You take it very personally when they do not want to cuddle and spend time with you.

17. They are undoubtedly an integral member of your family.

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