14 Days of Love Day 9: Galentine’s Day: How to Celebrate Your Girls

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

As the holiday of love approaches, many girls may view this “dreaded” day for singles as an excuse to lay in bed and eat chocolate. However, celebrating friendships may be the best way to spend this Valentine’s Day. 

Galentine’s Day is the perfect substitution for Valentine’s Day and gives girls the chance to celebrate their strongest friendships and bonds on the 13th of February instead of the 14th. A mix of fun, love and no drama while hanging out with your girls comes in many different forms. 

Here is a list of ways to commemorate this girly holiday:


Whether the picnic is hosted at the beach where you can have a sunset picnic eating sushi, at the park eating delicious pastries or even in a backyard having popcorn and candy, picnics allow for the perfect brunch, lunch or dinner with your best friends. 

Slumber Parties:

Having a sleepover with friends means rare bonding time, as many have such busy schedules. Spa and self care nights are the perfect way to celebrate your girls at sleepovers while relaxing and disconnecting from a busy, hectic world. 

Shopping Sprees:
Shopping sprees with friends include the benefit of retail therapy. This Galentine activity comes with excitement but also some expenses. But having lunch with your girls and shopping for some Valentine-themed apparel may just make up for the cost.  

Binge Watching Rom-Coms:

Watching romantic comedies with your best friend(s) is the perfect cure for feeling single. Watching love-themed movies with friends and popcorn is a great way to relax and have fun. Click here for rom-com recommendations

Pool Days/Beach Days:

Tanning and swimming with friends is an ideal Galentine’s Day festivity, especially in Miami. Whether you hang out at a friend’s pool or at the ocean, you and your gals can soak up the sun, have photoshoots and more. 

Day Trips:
Going on quick day trips with your friends allows you to disconnect from reality and feel like you’re on vacation even while staying in a nearby town or one’s hometown. Living in Miami, locals have the luxury of staying at hotels on the beach or even in the city, but if you and your gals feel like going farther from home, the Florida Keys — or any beach town in Florida — make the perfect close-to-home vacation.

Creative cooking: 

You can do cooking activities with friends in many different ways, from staging baking battles to making creative mocktails to cooking five course meals. These activities not only lead to feeling accomplished about your cooking skills but also mean you and your friends’  stomachs will be full of delicious meals made with love.