14 Days of Love Day 7: To The Men In Our Lives: May We Love Them And Learn From Them

Edie Carneiro, Copy Editor

When seeking relationship advice, most women typically go to other women in their lives: their mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, etc. Think about it: most advice columns are written by women. “Dear Abby,” “Dear Prudence” and “Ask Ann Landers” are just three of the many famous examples. After all, according to Psychology Today, women are much more likely to connect emotionally with someone through words than men, who are more likely to express themselves through actions

However, by ruling out the men in their lives as advice-givers, people may be missing out on the valuable (or not-so-valuable) advice they hold. So, after numerous submissions and direct messages in response to our Instagram poll, here is a collection of The Panther’s favorite relationship advice and tips about love from fathers, husbands, best friends and more.

To start, practicality and simplicity are always important values not just in relationships, but in life itself.

Monica A’s male best friend told her to always maintain her financial independence; “Money is power and power is control.”

Lisa J’s dad told her, “You marry who you date, so be selective.”

Rebecca A’s husband recently told her 11-year-old daughter the very simple: “Boys are dumb.”

Some of the submissions we received, though, however helpful they may be, are… unique to say the least.

Jordan G’s dad told her “not to like a guy because his arms were too long.” 

“My uncle told me the best way to get a girl’s interest was to give them a potted plant,” Oliver S said. Simple, yet effective!

Jen W’s husband told their 15-year-old daughter, regarding her new boyfriend: “Put a little separation in your togetherness.”

While funny tips are always treasured (and in our case, extremely entertaining), sometimes all one needs is a little good, heartfelt advice.

Donna G’s  grandfather told her to never go to bed angry because “You never know what the night holds.”

“I always tell younger guys: First, listen to what women say; really listen. And second, make an effort, put some energy into the relationship,” David M said.

Jenny C’s husband is a clinical psychologist, and his best advice is always “Love is a verb. Watch for actions, not words.” 

“My husband’s grandfather told us to do one thing each day to make the other person happy,” Marisa M said. 

So, the next time you may need advice, whether romantic or not, do not rule out the men involved in your life – they might just surprise you.