14 Days of Love Day 13: Best Valentine’s Treats

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

As Feb. 14 approaches, many people must decide what gifts to give the people they love, and what better way of showing someone love than by making creative and festive treats on the day of love?

Cupid’s Popcorn

This delicious treat is made by popping popcorn, melting chocolate and using candies to top it off. After making the popcorn (either on the stove or in the microwave), spread it evenly on parchment paper. Next, melt the chocolate candies preferably Valentine’s Day colors  and place it in a piping bag. Then, drizzle the chocolate onto the popcorn and before it hardens, sprinkle on candies. Let it cool, then share it with loved ones and enjoy!

Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet 

Not only does this taste delicious, it looks the part too. To make these, you need strawberries, chocolate, wooden skewers, tissue paper and string. First, make the chocolate strawberries by melting the chocolate and dipping in the strawberries. Let them cool down, then drizzle on a different-colored chocolate to make them more delectable. After the chocolate has hardened completely, place skewers through half of all the strawberries. After, grab some tissue paper and wrap it around the strawberries; finally, grab some string and wrap it around the skewers to make it look like a bouquet of flowers. 

Heart Shaped Rice Krispy Treats

For this amazing recipe, buy mini marshmallows, rice cereal, red and purple food dye, butter, wax paper, cooking spray, a baking sheet, a silicone mold and a small, heart-shaped cookie cutter. Start by melting the mini marshmallows with the butter. Once completely melted, add the red food coloring. Then, add the rice cereal and combine it all together. Repeat this same process but, instead of using red food coloring, use purple food coloring. Before it cools off, place the pink mixture into the molds and spread the purple mixture onto the baking sheet evenly. Once it all cools down, pop the rice Krispies out of the mold and use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart in the middle of them. Use the cookie cutter again to cut out small hearts from the purple mixture. Once complete, put the smaller heart inside the bigger one. The end result makes the whole process so worth it! 

These eye-catching and delicious treats are sure to be a fan-favorite this Valentine’s Day!