14 Days of Love Day 12: Young Love: On-Screen Couples We Grew Up With

Madeline Volpe, Multimedia Video Editor

Throughout our childhood, we have viewed a multitude of romantic television shows and movies. While sitting in front of the screen, we all anticipated the moment when those two characters would finally confess their love. During the seasons of the shows or every year when the new movie in the franchise came out, we grew up with the characters. Here are five of the most memorable couples we grew up with: 

  1. Gabriella and Troy – High School Musical 

Gabriella and Troy are unquestionably one of the most notable couples from our childhood. From the first movie to the last, we see them both grow as a whole. In the first movie, we see them meet and deal with Sharpay. Throughout the rest of the movie, we truly see the meaning of “OTP” (one true pair).

  1. Austin and Ally – Austin & Ally

A musical power couple that everyone loved. Becoming friends by getting grouped as music partners, we watched four seasons of the highs and lows of their relationship. After breaking up for a while, they finally ended up with each other in the last episode — like we always knew they would. 

  1. Beck and Jade – Victorious 

An iconic couple who had the audience intrigued from the start. You could say opposites attract, but I would not say these two are not opposites at all. Jade, on the edgy punk side, shows love for Beck, displaying a kind heart and emotions that a kid may have thought she was incapable of. Although they break up in the middle of a season, they end up together and become one of the most iconic Nickelodeon couples.

  1. Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy – The Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield described Emma Stone as “a shot of espresso” in an interview, which also reflects how Peter Parker felt about Gwen Stacy; everyone loved them together. Even though most people think of Spiderman with Mary Jane, the Amazing Spider-Man showed Peter Parker’s relationship with Gwen Stacy in a new light. Although a tragic ending, Peter Parker would have never been Spiderman without Gwen Stacey in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

  1. Wall-E and Eve – WALL-E

Two adorable robots that fall in love what child would not love watching that flourish? Although Wall-E notices EVE first and follows her, she shows him some tough love. When he saves her from a dust storm, we see how truly in-love Wall-E is. At the end of the film, Wall-E finally gets the girl or robot. 

These couples taught us the meaning of love as children, watching as they go through the hardships of relationships but also showing the highs of the relationships. As we watched the shows and movies they set our standards for what we would want as we got older.