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Trumping the votes

September 28, 2015

As fifteen candidates run for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump leads the way with over 30 percent popularity in the polls. Although the billionaire holds the majority of the votes, he remains a controversial figure among many Americans.

Trump has gained publicity  for his policies regarding immigration. His platform includes protecting American jobs, building a border with Mexico, defunding sanctuary cities, and deporting all illegal, undocumented immigrants. In multiple interviews, Trump claims to respect the Mexican population. However, many have taken offense to his attitude toward immigrants. Others argue that these precautions are vital to a secure border.

“I think Mr. Trump has the right idea where immigration is concerned; we should implement policies to protect jobs,” senior Ava Gruener said. “However, the way Trump intends to make immigration policies stricter is completely unrealistic and ignorant – to deport every single undocumented immigrant would be nearly impossible.”

Donald Trump believes that any person born in the United States to parents who came to this country illegally should not automatically be granted citizenship. He believes that birth-right citizenship loosens the security of the border because it creates a loophole for immigrants to cross the border.

“I don’t think Donald Trump should be running for president,” junior Ashley Hidalgo said. “[His policies] are unfair because the majority of this country are immigrants.”

Trump also proposes to implement a visa-tracking system to ensure that immigrants do not take advantage of their visas. One of Trump’s main talking points regarding immigration is the Mexican funded wall which he hopes to build on the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

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