Trumping the campaign

December 10, 2015

Donald Trump, real estate tycoon and presidential candidate for the Republican Party, shocked people around the globe yet again with his racially charged statements against members of the second most followed faith in the world, Islam. Trump’s rhetoric is a response to the attack led by ISIS supporters who killed 14 innocent people at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California.

A campaign press release stated that Trump proposed a block on all Muslim immigration to the United States until the terror situations are understood by our nation’s leaders.

Trump’s newest platform is not the first controversial issue that has arisen during his campaign. His harsh stance on immigration reform infuriated many Latinos. In addition,  Trump’s degrading remarks about female reporters and politicians have also been labeled as disrespectful.

“I do not agree with the things he says and he has made degrading comments about women, latinos, and people of the Muslim faith,” junior Luisa Hayes said. “I do not think he fairly represents our country.”

Political foes have likened Trump’s propaganda to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany as he plays upon the fears of the American people. The cover of the Philadelphia Daily News dubbed Trump “The New Furor,” yet he shrugs off these insults and continues to take fire from his party members as his numbers in the polls rise.

“Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the American people. He is spewing hate that is resonant of Nazi Germany,” Advanced Placement world history teacher Julianne Farkas said. “The scary part is that many American people support him. He is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.”

Trump warns that he may leave the Republican Party and run as an Independent candidate. However, most recently white house correspondent Josh Earnest’s statement aroused  controversy saying that Trump should be disqualified from the race,

“I think Donald Trump is a respectable businessman, but he would not be a good president,” Junior Jahan Yamini said. “He is too focused on racial dilemmas and he is an extremist.”

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Trumping the campaign