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Treat Yo’self: Do It Yourself Bath Bombs

Treat Yo’self: Do It Yourself Bath Bombs

February 16, 2017

The year of 2016 brought along many new trends including the art of self care. Bathbombs originated from the chain store brand, Lush in 1989. Since then the fascination of these scent filled bombs has escalated to the point of obsession. Below is a quick and easy summary of what it takes to make a bath bomb from scratch at home.


Dry Ingredients:

-4 oz of epsom salt

-4 oz of citric acid

-4 oz of corn starch

-8 oz baking soda














Wet Ingredients:

-3 tablespoons of oil (choose any from almond, avocado, grapeseed, coconut, olive oil)

-20-30 of essential oil

-3-5 drops of food coloring











Step 1: Get two separate bowls. One for the dry another for the wet mix. Mix the ingredients in two separate bowls.

Step 2:  Pour the wet mix into the dry mix and stir till evenly distributed.

Step 3: Get five separate bowls (or however many bowls according to the number of different mixes) and add half a cup to each. Each half cup bowl will be the mix for an individual bathbomb.














Step 4: For each bowl add your desired color and scent. Add about 3-5 drops of scented oil and food coloring. Then mix.














Step 5: To form the bath bombs, tightly pack each mix into a separate divot of a muffin tin. Make sure the powder becomes fully compact.

Step 6: Leave the packed muffin tin in the refrigerator for about one hour.  

Step 7: After the duration of one hour, gently flip the pan to remove the formed bath bombs.













Remember to treat yo’self and enjoy!

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