The Shutdown is Over

January 27, 2019

On Jan. 25 at 2:17 P.M., President Donald Trump addressed the nation on the 36 day federal shutdown. He started by thanking federal workers for their patience during the longest shutdown in American history. While expected to announce a national emergency, Trump instead announced an end to the shutdown, for now.

Democrats and Republicans now have three weeks to develop a bipartisan plan on a budget that will include immigration form, and possibly include a wall. If there is no plan by Feb. 15, the government will be shutdown again.

Trump focused his address on the need for a wall, and his hopes that the House and Senate that will include one. The shutdown started over the debate in U.S. government over a border wall, and unbudging democrats and republicans alike still do not agree whether the wall should be included in the budget.

Pressure from U.S. citizens and federal workers tired of the problems ensuing because of shutdown likely caused Trump to temporarily end it. Federal workers worked for over a month without pay,

Trump reminded everyone that if a deal to permanently reopen the government is not reached by Feb. 15, he has the option to simply declare a national emergency and get the funding he needs.

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