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The Panther Travels: Nashville

January 7, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee, lovingly dubbed “Music City,” filled with restaurants, sports and of course, concerts. There were many things that stood out in this cultural hub, and it definitely lived up to its reputation.

The Stillery received 4.5 stars with over 1,092 google reviews. They are known for their pizza and burgers. During my visit, there was a long wait, probably because of its reputation for great food. However, the wait time felt shorter because of the live music on its second floor. The food lived up to it’s esteem as being one of Nashville’s finest restaurants, it came quick and tasted delicious. I would definitely recommend eating at the Stillery if ever in Nashville.

The Diner Nashville is in Downtown Nashville. This restaurant contains six different floors with each floor having a different menu, and some things are only served on certain floors. They have become well known for their upscale feel and exceptional service. When I went, they had amazing service, and the waiter did his best to help us have a great meal. The food was great and is definitely a must for anyone in Nashville.

Vanderbilt University ranks as the 14th best university in the United States. During my  tour, it started pouring rain with the temperature under 40 degrees. The tour guide was extremely nice and funny and did his best to keep us out of the rain so we would not get wet. Vanderbilt has a beautiful campus, spacious dorms, a lot of different food in and around campus and most importantly amazing academics.

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