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The New Palmetto Meme Account

February 12, 2019

A popular phenomenon on Palmetto students’ Instagram feeds are meme pages. But rather than simply making fun of society, this Palmetto specific meme account targets the daily struggles and stressful situations Palmetto students face on a daily basis.

The account highlights the overcrowded hallways, excessive homework in Advanced Placement classes and classic Palmetto teachers’ lines in a relatable and ironic manner.

“I like it because it makes something like an AP class more enjoyable and funny,” junior and @palmettoapmemes follower, Brenda Tomazzi said.

It remains anonymous in order to protect the creators from possible trouble with school administration, despite the fact that they do not typically post offensive content worthy of punishment.

With 262 followers, @palmettoapmemes gives hard-working AP students a laugh and brighten their day with a relatable joke.

“We’re here to make other kids laugh and be able to have a funny community of people [students] can relate to,” @palmettoapmemes said. “Students here just like the jokes. It’s promoting conversations and community between kids of similar classes, and we’ve gotten messages multiple times requesting different teachers, a lot of which we’ve followed through on. We just like seeing that we make students laugh, really.”

While creating these memes seems simple, there is an actual process to their creation that includes brainstorming and a lot of decision making in regards to their content.

“Usually, the process starts at finding a subject to post about. Then, finding an appropriate format and picture, then finally we present sort of finished products to the chat and decide from there,” @palmettoapmemes said. “It should also be noted that we try to branch out even to classes we’re not in, so everyone can have a chance to laugh.”

An important aspect of this account stems from the positivity associated with it. The account takes their position of power seriously and evaluates each and every post to make sure no content or messages could be misinterpreted as offensive.

“We’re not some revolutionaries looking to disband the school system, or violent poison-spewing bullies, we’re just kids who like to make people laugh. If anything is ever deemed as crossing a line, we’ve made a policy as a team to take it down,” @palmettoapmemes said. “We want to make it clear that we love Palmetto, it’s staff especially. When we post about a teacher or Palmetto itself, it’s never out of some ridiculous desire to make the school look bad or like a joke. We don’t want the school and teachers we love to be seen in a bad light. We don’t do this out of spite for the teachers. We do this out of love for our school.”

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