The Bachelorette finally expands its diversity

February 21, 2017

On Feb. 13, 2017, Jimmy Kimmel made it public that Rachel Lindsay would become the first black bachelorette in the history of the show. The Bachelorette has always been white for 12 seasons straight.

“I think that it’s a step in the right direction and it is really good for the bachelor/bachelorette to start becoming more diverse,” sophomore Shelby Wasserman said.

With Rachel Lindsay still remaining in the current season of the Bachelor, this reveal was unusual.

“It makes it hard to cheer on someone who you know won’t ultimately win,” junior Sydney Miller said.  

This reveal was done with the help of the show’s host, Chris Harrison, by mocking the shows dramatic reveals. Harrison brought out the show’s trademark, the rose, and dramatically asked Kimmel if he was prepared to hear who the new Bachelor was. This relates to Harrison’s usual deep talks shown right before the Bachelor or Bachelorette is forced to choose who to give their final rose to. After a few minutes of anticipation Kimmel announces Lindsay to be the bachelorette.

She was approached soon after she was sent home from Nick’s season of the Bachelor. She thought the show was only trying to mend her broken heart at first, but soon realized the seriousness of their offer.

The fast reveal of this new bachelorette could be related to the lawsuit filed against ABC in 2012 alleging the company to be excluding people of color from the casting process. Lindsay makes ABC history for not only being the first black bachelorette, but also the first to be the lead in an ABC dating competition. In addition, she was also the first African American to receive the first impression rose from Nick on his season of the Bachelor.

“I think Rachel was there for the right reasons and deserves the same chance that Nick got at finding love,” Miller said.  

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