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The art of binge-watching

March 25, 2017

A common practice in today’s era consists of curling up in bed completing TV shows on Netflix. Binge-watching has become a prevalent hobby, with more streaming services becoming easily accessible such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Enduring a tough week at school and staying up until 12 a.m. every night due to homework becomes draining, the most desirable activity seems to be watching an unhealthy amount of episodes of your most beloved show. Life is stressful, sometimes catching up on TV sounds like the most enticing thing to do.

Typically occurring during summer or weekends, binge-watching usually takes place during free time, ensuring a stress-free environment. An opportunity to unwind and free the mind of all worries and escape to Seattle Grace Hospital in “Grey’s Anatomy” or the Upper East Side in “Gossip Girl,” highlights the true beauty of binge-watching.

The key to a successful day spent binge-watching consists of an available area allowing for maximum comfort. Also, snacks accessible within a close range is crucial to having a day filled with contentment, thus eliminating the need to get up for food, or at all.

“An ideal setting for a great binge-watching session entails a bed with a warm blanket, a fully charged laptop with high def and brightness all the way up. Plus, tissues just in case a character dies,” sophomore Emily Bally said.

Binge-watching requires devotion and focus towards one show, the devotion comes from the show, meaning no one is going to watch a lousy show for hours on end. People can complete a whole series within a weekend if the show is that good.

“‘Stranger Things,’ an original show on Netflix, took me two days to complete, I watched it in different places and I did not stop watching because it was such an amazing show, and it was not super long so I knew I would be able to finish before the weekend ended,” freshman Eli Graff said.

Hollywood found a way to capture the heart of anyone, through a wide variety of shows available on all different media outlets present today. So many genres exist in today’s pop culture, including anime, sci-fi, romance and action. There always exists something to appeal to any interest, and remains a way to withdraw from reality without leaving your bed.

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