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Supreme Leader Bezos

April 24, 2018

 In 1995 when was first launched to the public, the world questioned whether it would survive. Fast forward 22 years and that question has altered to whether the world can survive without it.

Since its creation, Amazon has multiplied in its services and essentially monopolized.  Amazon continuously outshines other companies and online stores because of its brand name, credibility and its overall convenience and popularity.

The monopoly of Amazon is ultimately puppeteered by the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Bezos is hurtling towards world domination at an alarming rate. Not only does he own Amazon, thus controlling the manufacturing system and forever altering it, he also owns The Washington Post which places his grasp on the media as well.

In 2017, Bezos extended his hold onto the food industry by buying the overpriced organic grocery chain Whole Foods for 13.7 billion dollars. But this surely did not make a dent in Bezos’s 105.1-billion-dollar wallet.

Within the past 22 years, Bezos has gone from a struggling business man with an insane idea to creating his own empire ranging from newspapers to grocery stores. Despite the billions sitting in his pockets, Bezos’s employees still struggle to make ends meet and are many are on food stamps. What is even more disturbing than this is the fact that the stores and companies Bezos owns don’t even accept food stamps.

According to Business Insider, Bezos earns roughly 2 million dollars per hour, equating to his 105 billion dollar net worth. Throughout its existence, Amazon has destroyed countless million dollar corporations, such as ToysRus, Barnes and Noble, FedEx, and continues to do so as it sweeps the world, proving itself deadly to many industries. These industries include, but are not limited to department stores, electronic companies, book stores and grocery stores.

While Bezos is most popularly known for owning Amazon, The Washington Post and Whole Foods, he has recently bought multiple health care companies, land properties all over the world and his own private space exploration company known as Blue Origin. By the sounds of this, the reign of Supreme Leader Bezos is just beginning as his grasp on a wide variety of industries expand and solidify his rule and world control.

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