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Super Girl Power

November 3, 2015

CBS’s new show, “Supergirl”, features a crime-fighting superhero cousin of Superman. Supergirl, also known by her alter ego Kara Zor-El, shares a similar story to Superman in that she formerly lived on the planet Krypton, but moved to Earth with her powers for protection.

The show breaks gender barriers by having a female lead as opposed to a male superhero that conforms to gender roles by saving the day, like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, among others. Historically, some female superheros, such as Superwoman and Wonder Woman, appeared unrealistically. These early heroines have also conformed to traditional female expectations by showing a romantic interest and by their dependence on a male character to save the day. Oftentimes, if a female superhero is even present, they serve as a love interest to the real superhero, a man. The super suits for these women also tend to be skin-tight, low-cut and accompanied by high-heels.

“Women finally are getting the chance to be themselves and they’re able to express themselves,” sophomore Jacqueline Manresa said. “[Women] aren’t only there to be the men’s love interest.”

In “Supergirl”, Kara serves as her own hero, unhindered by a relationship with her man as her main focus. Supergirl also wears a more modest outfit, unlike other female superheroes of the past. The pilot episode of the show addresses this concern when Kara implies feeling uncomfortable fighting in a revealing and restraining outfit.

Instead, her character wears a skirt of a reasonable length with opaque leggings, a crew-neck style top with long sleeves and short chunky heels. Supergirl does not sport exaggerated physical features especially by comparison to other female superhero characters. She wears natural makeup, unconcerned with impressing others.

“It is important for women to have a show revolve around them as opposed to others like The Avengers where there is one woman the entire show. It shows how our society is evolving and women are having a stronger role,” said junior Emily Echeverria.

If the show succeeds, this could perhaps lead to more superhero productions with female leads.

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