Panthers Got Talent 2019 Recap

April 7, 2019

Throughout the school year, many exciting events take place at Palmetto. One event in particular showcases the talents of Palmetto students. Interact club puts together Panthers Got Talent each year. This talent show raises money for the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital; the money from each ticket goes to the Children’s Experiences team and Radio Lollipop center.  This new center for entertainment at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital will help make the childrens’ stay more enjoyable.

The talent show contains a wide variety of talents including singing, dancing, deejaying and even martial arts. This year Palmetto celebrated the 10th annual Panthers Got Talent. It takes an immense amount of time to put together such a large production. All contestants must audition to take part in the talent show as well as go to several rehearsals prior to the show.

Sophomore Timothy Readon and returning contestant came in first place this year. Last year, Readon placed third in the talent show so when he got asked to perform again, he could not resist. Readon loved the opportunity to showcase his passion for signing.

“I didn’t think I was going to get placed in the top three because all of the other contestants performances were amazing,” Readon said.

As a second-year contestant, many recognized Readon and cheered him on as he sang. The song that Readon sang holds a special place in his heart. Readon wanted to a pick a song that held meaning to him and to impact the audience. Not only did the song hold value to Readon, it held meaning to his grandmother whom he dedicated his performance to.His grandmother is just one among many who thoroughly enjoy his singing.Readon sang Greatest love of all by Whitney Houston.

“This particular song reminded me of how everyone should love themselves and you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it,” Readon said.

Senior Katie Hawkins received a second place title. Similar to Readon, Hawkins has a passion for singing as long as she can remember. Hawkins a returning contestant began to sing at 9 years old. She took part in the chorus program at Southwood Middle School and has not performed since middle school. As the years go by her passion for singing continues to grow.

“I had done the talent show last year and had so much fun meeting and performing with the others that I decided to go for it again,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins was shocked to hear she received second place. Hawkins prepared for Panthers got talent for about two weeks. She sang Not in that way by Sam Smith.

“I had already memorized most of the song, I just had to tweak parts to fit my voice” Hawkins said.

Throughout Hawkins two week preparation and several rehearsals she did not believe she would place.

“There were so many amazing acts that I thought for sure they would win over me,” Hawkins said.

Panthers Got Talent is an amazing production that not only is dedicated to the children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, but each contestant dedicates their performance to someone special. Hawkins hoped that her performance would encourage people to speak up and show people they have a voice.

Sometimes, Palmetto students tend to take the things they have for granted. Panthers Got Talent is an inspiring way to help children in need and make a difference in the community.

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