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NBA Trade Deadline Recap

February 8, 2019

The NBA trade deadline is usually the busiest time of the season for NBA general managers. This year’s deadline was no exception, with several trades being made across the league that featured numerous high caliber players. Here is a look at some of the bigger trades made at this year’s trade deadline.


76ers get fourth star player in Harris

Philadelphia 76ers receive: F Tobias Harris, C Boban Marjanovic, F Mike Scott

Los Angeles Clippers receive: F Wilson Chandler, F/C Mike Muscala, G Landry Shamet, 2020 First Round Pick (Philadelphia), 2021 First Round Pick (Miami), two future second round picks

The 76ers only get stronger with this trade, as Tobias Harris has had a career year so far, averaging 20.9 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game, both career highs. Harris will join a stacked starting line up of Ben Simmons, JJ Reddick, Jimmy Butler and Joel Embiid. Meanwhile, the Clippers are looking to rebuild by acquiring two first round picks and rookie guard Landry Shamet, who has averaged 8.3 points per game this season. This trade appears to benefit both franchises in different ways.

76ers: A        Clippers: B+


Otto Porter swapped for Bobby Portis

Chicago Bulls receive: F Otto Porter Jr.

Washington Wizards receive: F Bobby Portis, F Jabari Parker

This is a questionable move on behalf of the Chicago Bulls. While they were expected to move both Parker and Portis, Porter does not seem likely to make major contributions to the roster and also has a large contract that runs through 2021. The Wizards, on the other hand, receive Bobby Portis, who has had a career best year and whose contract expires this offseason. They also received  Jabari Parker, who was considered a future All-Star until a torn ACL in the 2017 season forced him to sit out for a long time. Parker was unable to break into the Bulls rotation and will look to redeem himself in Washington. As of right now, it appears the Wizards won this trade by a long shot.

Wizards: B+        Bulls: D+


Kings acquire Harrison Barnes mid-game

Sacramento Kings receive: F Harrison Barnes

Dallas Mavericks receive: F Zach Randolph (will be waived), F Justin Jackson

While this is a decent trade for the Mavericks, the Kings truly made an excellent trade. Currently looking to contend for the playoffs, the Kings will fit Barnes perfectly into their starting lineup at the small forward position. The Kings also made little use of Randolph and Jackson, so they did not give up much in the trade. The Mavericks, on the other hand, mainly made this deal to clear up future cap space in acquiring Randolph’s expiring contract and will add a young player in Jackson that they can hopefully develop. However, they could have possibly gotten more from Barnes, who averaged 18.7 points per game during his time with Dallas.

Kings: A+        Mavericks: C+


Nikola Mirotic headed to Milwaukee

Milwaukee Bucks receive: F Nikola Mirotic

New Orleans Pelicans receive: F Stanley Johnson, C Jason Smith, four future second round picks

The Bucks will look to further contend in the East with a stellar player in Mirotic. Mirotic, who averages 16.7 points per game, will play alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe. Looking to rebuild, the Pelicans had placed Mirotic on the trade block, making  this trade come as no surprise. Johnson was the eighth pick in the 2015 Draft, so the Pelicans will look to develop Johnson further. Other than Johnson, the return for Mirotic is a bit underwhelming for Mirotic.

Bucks: A-        Pelicans: C


Marc Gasol shipped to Toronto

Toronto Raptors receive: C Marc Gasol

Memphis Grizzlies receive: C Jonas Valanciunas, G Delon Wright, F CJ Miles, 2024 second round pick

It appears several contenders in the East have decided to go all out in their pursuit of a championship, including the Raptors. Gasol, a three time All-Star and  Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, is expected to make a big impact alongside Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies decided to move on from their former franchise player after two consecutive seasons of struggling. In return, they acquire a solid big man in Valanciunas and a young guard in Wright. Both teams improved with this trade, but the Raptors did better than the Grizzlies.

Raptors: A        Grizzlies: B-


Fultz to Orlando

Orlando Magic receive: G Markelle Fultz

Philadelphia 76ers receive: G Jonathan Simmons, future first round pick, future second round pick

While Philadelphia won big with the Harris trade, the winner of this trade appears to be the Orlando Magic. It is not Philadelphia’s fault, however, as the former first pick of the 2017 draft never was able to fit in with the team. Philadelphia does receive a decent player in Jonathan Simmons and a decent future draft pick, but the Magic have a chance to truly develop Fultz into the player he was expected to be while not giving up too many assets in the process.

Magic: A-        Sixers: C+



Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley

With the trading of Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies also listened to offers regarding their other franchise player, Conley. However, they decided to keep Conley as none of the offers they received interested them and Conley serves as a mentor to rookie forward Jaren Jackson Jr.

New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis

The lack of a trade involving Davis came as a surprise, as he had requested a trade after telling the Pelicans he would not sign an extension with them. Despite highly publicized trade talks with the Los Angeles Lakers, the team opted to hold off on trade talks until this offseason, where they will look to negotiate with the Boston Celtics. Davis has said he plans to play the rest of the season with the Pelicans rather than sitting out.

Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic

In recent seasons, Dragic’s name has come up several times in trade talks. After being sidelined following knee surgery last December, the Heat were rumored to be talking with the Utah Jazz for trading Dragic for guard Ricky Rubio and forward Jae Crowder. It appears the trade never made progress, as the deadline passed with Dragic still a member of the Heat. He is expected to return from injury in the next few weeks.

Now that the trade deadline has passed, it will be interesting to see what players are bought out of their contracts. Even though there will be no more trades this season, several players will soon be playing for a new franchise.

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