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Litmas tree

December 25, 2016

Step 1: Gather your materials which include a bright array of lights, nails with an accompanying hammer and chalk for those of us that enjoy taking it to the next level.
Step 2: Mark the key points in the formation of your tree (the chalk comes in handy with this step). Then, using caution, hammer a single nail onto every point you marked.
Step 3: With your lights turned off, weave the cord from one nail to the next, making sure to secure each corner.
Step 4: Your tree is complete! Feel free to turn your lights on and even add some accessories.
Wine Christmas
Step 1: This tree requires the use of a hot glue gun along with several wine corks. To begin, set up a base for your tree (I simply used a small piece of cardboard). Use the glue gun to secure the first layer of corks onto the base.
Step 2: Continue to stack your corks, creating a pyramid-like shape, until you reach the very last cork at the peak of your tree.
Step 3: Add tinsel, a star or any other type of accessories that would help you personalize your tree. This rustic, yet simplistic creation adds the perfect wholesome feel to any room.

All I Want For a Christmas (Is Literature)
Step 1: Put together all of your favorite books and sort them in order of thickness, putting the thinnest book at the bottom of your pile.
Step 2: Create a sturdy base for your forthcoming tree. I have found that hardcover books work best for not only this step but also the layers of the tree itself.
Step 3: Lastly, assemble your books in an effort to put the thinnest at the very top of the tree. Again, feel free to decorate your tree in any way you prefer.

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