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Jeff Sessions reportedly in contact with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.

March 3, 2017

On March 1, the Washington Post reported that now Attorney General Jeff Sessions has spoken twice with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak during President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. This raises suspicions as Sessions was one of Trump’s top foreign policy advisors at the time during which he was also a senator. In addition, he did not disclose these encounters when asked about any possible contacts between members of Trump’s campaign and representatives of Moscow. The day after the first report on the issue, he recused himself from the probe, making people further question his ties to the Russian Ambassador. Now, the real question is whether he lied under-oath or not.

On one hand, the fact that he talked to Kislyak during a time when many suspected a Russian influence on the presidential election makes it easy to suspect something sketchy on the behalf of Sessions. On the other hand, since he was still a senator at that time, he met with many ambassadors as it is routine for senators.

Since it cannot be confirmed yet whether or not he talked about matters regarding the campaign at that time with the Russian Ambassador, officials cannot confirm the Attorney-General lied under-oath. Although Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill continue to say he acted as a surrogate to the Trump campaign when meeting with Kislyak, investigations have yet to gather any incriminating evidence towards Sessions as he was acting as a senator during his talks with the Russians in July and September.

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