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ICYMI: Panther for a Day 2016

December 7, 2016

Panther for a Day is an opportunity for eighth graders from all around the district to get a taste of what life at Palmetto entails. From watching the performances of the performing arts department to getting the experience of a high school pep rally, Panther for a Day is designed to motivate students to attend Palmetto the following school year.

The day began with middle schoolers entering Palmetto, greeted by the enthusiastic cheerleaders and pep squad members.  Following that, their group leaders led them into the auditorium to watch all the top pieces from Palmetto’s performing arts programs.  Performances included a piece from the thespians titled “Mama Who Bore Me” from the musical “Spring Awakening” performed by the Thespians that won Critics’ Choice this past November at the Florida Thespians Districts Competition. Sophomore Katherine Diez reflected on her performance at Panther for a Day.

“I had a great time performing with some of my closest friends and being able to demonstrate why Palmetto is such an amazing school,” Diez said.

After the students were directed to the gymnasium for a mini pep rally, hosted by seniors Adrian Ridley and Natalia Hazday.  This was an opportunity for the eighth graders to participate in what a typical high school pep rally consists of.  All of Palmetto’s sports teams means from the winter and spring season made a guest appearance. From stellar Variations performances to dance-off’s, the gymnasium roared with excitement from the eighth graders.

Panther for a Day was not only an exciting day for the middle schoolers; Palmetto students participated too. Without the student volunteers, this day would not have been able to occur.  Whether to perform in the band or lead a group of 20 eighth graders, Palmetto students sacrificed their third and fourth period to assist in running Panther for a Day.

“I’m happy I volunteered to be a group leader for Panther for a Day because I felt that I had the ability to influence kid’s decisions for where they are going to high school and get to share their personal experiences at Palmetto,” sophomore class president Jonathan Chen said.

Overall, Panther for a Day was a success, allowing Palmetto’s most passionate students to showcase their pride in their school with hopes to inspire middle school students to become future Panthers.

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