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How to have a peaceful breakup

February 19, 2017

Lets just start by saying this: not every relationship goes swell and those relationships often end with a bad breakup. Although, the action of breaking up with someone can feel difficult. Breaking up can be very simple.

When you are breaking up with someone, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT do so over text. Come on, who wants see someone whose contact name is “Baby” with heart eyes and a ring emojis sending you a text saying “It’s over” or “I can’t take it anymore.” It just does not show character, in any type of way. It does not give the person a chance to ask why or even see how difficult it is to break it to them.

“It was over that fast. I felt horrible, like, tell me straight up in person,”sophomore Ethan Robbins said. “The right way is in person, tell them straight up and don’t give them any way to take it the wrong way.”

The best way to breakup with someone always involves honesty. If you are leaving the person for someone else, let them know, yes, it’s going to hurt them. But it’s going to hurt them even more when they see you with another person a week later. Honesty is the best policy.

“Give them honesty in the nicest possible way,” sophomore Ellie Kline said. “[Do not] insult them, blame them for everything that went wrong in the relationship. It’s a hard situation when they become a part of your life and then they’re just gone.”

People get hurt at the end of a relationship. All the laughter and the good times you had together crumple up into stinging memories. If it gets to that point of a relationship, lay it to them gently, always having their feelings in mind. The biggest thing you want to avoid is having yet another bad breakup.

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