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The importance of internships

October 14, 2016

For seniors beginning the transition to a new chapter in their lives, gaining experience in the work field seems like a necessity before entering college. Getting an internship can provide valuable experience and pave the way for a future career.

“There are only a few kids in high school who have the determination at such a young age to dive into internships and jobs therefore it sets you apart from the masses and gives you extra experience,” president of Key Club Sarah Berlan said. “The longer you work at something the better you’ll understand and excel in that area so it’s best to start young.”

Internships can get you into your first real job and can help you make valuable connections with people and places. Berlan interned during the summer of her sophomore year at Marilyn Correa, a private event planning company.

“You should approach with a confident and positive attitude as most likely you are interning in a field you’re interested in and wish to continue in the future,” Berlan said. “There are numerous last effects since you will learn hands on skills in the field of choice which you simply cannot grasp from a classroom lecture and personal experience which is often necessary and extremely useful in job searches.”

For students finding a job can be very difficult. When you apply for a job or internship, prepare with proper attire and a transcript or resume handy.

“Getting an intern in a business or nonprofit foundation is very difficult to find without the proper connections,” college counselor Harry Nerenberg said. “Hospitals, business, journalism and nonprofits are some of the easier ones to approach. You must have a resume and a record of your grades when interviewing for such a position.”

People who get internships are more likely to succeed in the future because of their training and networking.

“We have had students work at the University of Miami, FIU, Miami Herald, Channel 4, veterinarians and with some very prestigious doctors,” college counselor Harry Nerenberg said. “Our science department sends interns to Fairchild and other foundations when requested.”
Understanding the importance of an internship is key to being more successful in the future.

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