How to Enjoy Winter in Miami

November 29, 2018

With December and the holidays quickly approaching, people in Florida want to get into the Holiday spirit Temperatures may not drop below 70, and the leaves on the trees sure do not look any different than the leaves in the summer, but Here are some creative ways to enjoy a little bit of holiday celebrations in Miami.


Santa’s Enchanted Forest:

Although pricier, one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit is a night at Santa’s Enchanted Forest. With a huge light display covering the whole park and plenty of rides to choose from, going on a chilly night is a perfect way to feel the spirit of winter.Whether with family or a close group of friends, Santa’s has a fun mix of rollercoasters, foods and carnival games to enjoy all night. Make sure to prepare for a slightly bigger crowd, but Santa’s guarantees a surefire way to have fun.


Christmas Tree Shopping:

 Picking a chilly day to head out to shop for a Christmas tree will guarantee to put you in a holiday mood.  When going later at night, some vendors also put up lights, and many vendors also sell other winter-themed items, including fake snow. Going home and decorating the tree tops off the perfect day with a perfect night.


Kendall Ice Arena:

Going to skate at the Kendall Ice Arena is another thing  to do to get into the holiday spirit. Dressing up in some cute winter clothes and going at night with a big group is an excellent way to feel submersed into winter weather.


Holiday Movie Night:

Last but not least, a nice movie night in with some close friends is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. Stock up on snacks, blankets, drinks and movies, to  have the perfect night with friends. Many different TV providers offer different holiday movies, such as ABC’S 25 Days of Christmas, along with Netflix’s own holiday movie selection. If it gets cold enough, take the computer outside and place it by a nice firepit to warm up and enjoy the holiday season.

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How to Enjoy Winter in Miami