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How to Celebrate Fall in Miami

October 15, 2019

When we think of the word “fall,” the first thing that comes to mind is the season between summer and winter ,and orange leaves falling off trees and softly landing on the ground. However, that doesn’t happen in Miami. Instead, fall is just like every other season we encounter, only with a little more wind. We don’t see the changing of the leaves, or even a shift in temperature. 

In Miami, people look forward to fall mostly because of the holidays that take place. People also use it as an excuse to decorate their houses. 

“I decorate my house with fall decor by putting up leaves on my front door, and turkeys to go along with them,” said Junior Marcela Canal. “It helps me get into the fall spirit.” 

Thanksgiving—celebrated on Nov. 28— often centers around a feast and spending time with family. But it represents more than just food, it is also a time to give back  to the community, remember what we are thankful for, gather our thoughts and celebrate with loved ones. 

Oct. 31, also known as Halloween, is another holiday people look forward to. Not only do they get the chance to dress up, but they can also decorate houses and walk around the neighborhoods. The way people experience Halloween is different for everyone. For teens, it is an excuse to get out of the house and spend more time with friends.

“My favorite holiday during the months of fall is Halloween because I get to be myself and come up with creative costumes, while also having a fun time with friends,”  Canal said. 

For younger children, it is a time for them to run around, collect candy and just have a fun time. As adults, not only do they get to see their children have a fun night and overall a good experience, but they can also spend time with family and friends rather than focusing on just candy . 

During fall in Miami, people celebrate the holidays in many different ways. Fall is a time of happiness, love and bonding. Unlike states that experience a change in temperature as well as a changing of the leaves, Miami does not get a chance to experience traditional fall hallmarks.  Even though Miami sounds like a city that does not celebrate fall, citizens make an effort to create and participate in fun, creative activities being creative. 

“During the fall season, I enjoy decorating my house and for all the exciting holidays, and look forward to being able to walk outside and not have the sun beating down on me as hard,” said Canal.

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