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Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: the case for both candidates

November 8, 2016

With election night now finally upon us, here are the cases for the Democratic and Republican party candidates. Tonight, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States, and here is why.

The case for Hillary Clinton:

When girls of all ages see her on TV, in a magazine or on social media they see someone like them, a rare sight in American politics. They see a woman who fights for them, who proves that women can do anything that men can do, who shows that women can defeat all odds and naysayers to make it to the top. Girls see strength in Hillary they will one day want to model in themselves.   

It is time to to change history. From the founding of America in 1776 until 2008, all presidents have been white men. In 2008 Barack Obama broke the pattern of race. Now it is time to break women’s ultimate glass ceiling.

Hillary stands against possibly one of the most misogynistic demagogues in American history, fighting for not only women, but the people of the United States. Hillary has spent the last year and a half dodging Trump’s bullets directed not only toward her, but to women as a whole. Trump has insulted her, her family and her community, yet Hillary stood at every debate with cordial and professional behavior as each insult ate away at her.

Trump has demeaned women, immigrants and Muslims. He divides our nation. Families now sit around dinner tables with deep barriers between them as a result of Trump’s hateful speech. We do not want our children to look up to a man who insults them. We need our nation to see a unifying candidate on TV, someone who fights for all, someone like Hillary Clinton as our next president.

Although Hillary did conduct government business using an illegal server, one of the largest scandals she faced through this campaign, she admitted to her wrong doings, apologized and moved on with strength.

Hillary Clinton represents and protects all Americans. She fights for gun control to protect our citizens from unsolicited harm. She is in the people’s corner on immigration and welfare. Hillary knows just what America needs and has enough experience to execute it.

For Hillary walking into the White House is not a new act.She would walk into the Oval Office knowing exactly how to run it. Her experience in the West Wing ensures that there is no new president learning curve.

America needs a woman in the White House. Hillary as president will inspire women and show them that they too can be president and do anything they put their mind to. Hillary brings experience, wisdom and professionalism to the White House. Hopefully after today, girls everywhere can say “if she can do it, then I can too.”

The case for Donald Trump:

Someone known for his extremely high expectations and his success in the business world, Donald Trump stands as the Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election. Like his campaign slogan reads, “Make America Great Again” serves as Donald Trump’s model for his plans once he reaches the Oval Office.

Although he has a tendency to make rude comments and criticize people on social media, Trump still ranks as one of the best at making deals and working with people to achieve his goals. We need someone unafraid to speak out on a deal or someone whose stubborn nature prevents us from accepting an unhelpful agreement, like the Iran deal.

Trump demonstrated his skill in deal-making with his business and negotiating with owners, investors and representatives to strengthen his own company. Though his comments do hurt his credibility, Trump’s honesty and confidence in what he believes in separates him from the rest of the candidates and is something that he will carry throughout his presidency.

Trump stands against corruption, unlike Clinton. He did not store over 33,000 emails on a computer; he would rather investigate into such criminal behavior to put the person who did behind bars. We need a trustworthy president whose transparency allows us to feel confident in work going on in the White House, rather than try to figure out what went wrong years later.

As obvious as it seems, running a company cannot be compared to running a country; but when we stand trillions of dollars in debt, we need a change in our financial departments, which would start with Donald Trump. We need someone like Trump who has the experience in this field, someone who can turn our economy around and increase the success and production of our people. Trump plans to create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years which will help boost the economy, while at the same time cutting taxes and reducing anti-growth regulations.

Trump also wants to keep Americans safe by protecting our borders. Safety has become a problem with ISIS and other terrorist attacks. One of Trump’s main goals as president would be to finish off an issue Hillary only agitated: ISIS. In regards to keeping our borders safe, Trump plans to tighten border security and proposed the idea of building a wall to protect our borders from Mexico. This would also increase the amount of jobs American citizens have because of fewer illegal immigrants taking them.

While many say Trump’s radical approaches and lack of background in politics would make him an unfit president, he appears to be the clear answer to what America needs. We do not need more of the same; the people of our country need a change. Trump is an America-first candidate, and with him as president, America will be great again.

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