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Did These Movies Make Bank or Tank?

September 5, 2018

Summer, the time of year where it feels like people have endless days to lay around and do nothing. Yet, most people get bored and feel the need to pass some time. Perhaps a movie would work? The four summer 2018 movies below gained the greatest response from Palmetto students.


“Incredibles 2”

The Parr family, also known as “The Incredibles,” last appeared on the big screen 14 years ago. These superheroes ironically protect people from crime while breaking the law.

Unlike the first movie, which focuses more on Mr. Incredible (played by Craig T. Nelson), “The Incredibles 2” follows Elastigirl, played by Holly Hunter, as she tries to prove that superheros should get criminalized. Since Elastigirl tries to save the superhero reputation, Mr. Incredible stays at home to take care of their three children. Depicting him as the new “mom” of the household.

Teenagers and adults ran to the movie theater upon the release of the sequel, which first came out during their childhood. “Incredibles 2” made $1.05 billion as gross revenue compared to the first ‘Incredibles’ movie which made $633 million.


“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

Three years after the closing of the Jurassic World theme park,  the dinosaurs once again risk extinction. The erupting volcano on the island causes Owen Grady–played by Chris Pratt–and Claire Dearing–played by Bryce Dallas Howard–to reunite in an attempt to save the remaining dinosaurs before it’s too late.

Fallen Kingdom is the fifth installment of the Jurassic Park series. The cliffhanger at the end of the movie, leaves Jurassic Park fans with hope for another movie. The box office reports a $1.29 billion as the gross revenue for this film.



Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sayer, a former FBI hostage rescue team leader and U.S. veteran, now assesses the safety of skyscrapers. While working on the largest, and most advanced skyscraper in China, the building catches fire with his family inside. The true culprits frame Sayer for the fire, so his mission consists of finding the real criminal and saving his family at the same time.

Though “Skyscraper” made $292.8 million in gross revenue, it does not hold the title of one of Johnson’s biggest movies. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes stated that the movie didn’t have much going for it, other then the tall buildings.



Following the death of her mother, Annie–played by Toni Collette–and her family mourn the loss of a loved one. While grieving, they uncover dark and sinister secrets about their ancestry. Each family member goes through a disturbing experience that links them to their family secrets, leaving them emotionally scarred.

Critics from Rolling Stone compared “Hereditary” to the “Blair Witch Project” and the “Exorcist.” It did not follow the typical playbook of a horror movie, it instead brought in the scare factor through heavy overtones of sinister and disturbing themes. Unlike many movies, the characters in “Hereditary” flirted with the evil spirits that haunted their home.

This film made $79.30 million as gross avenue in the box office.


This summer brought some great rewatchable films and some films most people would rather have avoided. The movies listed above gained the most views and praise among Palmetto students.


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